About Us

Bob Gatewood Plays the summers in Lake Erie Island's Put-in-Bay, on South Bass Island. The winters are spent writing songs in Mexico and occasionally it is tim e to go record, which is done in Nashville, Tennessee. Bob Gatewood's Producer is Two-Time and currently reigning ACM Award holding, Tom Bukovac. Again on this album, Bob Gatewood is accompanied by legendary drummer, Joe Vitale, who also contributed songwriting on the latest release, BE GOOD TO YOURSELF. Also sharing songwriting credits other than Gatewood are Nashville hit maker, Sarah Palin. The recordings are rounded out by John Fogerty's bass guitarist, Davis Santos. On Piano is Mark T. Jordan, who has recorded with m=any greats including Van Morrison. Mixed by Nashville ace, Joe Baldrige and mastered by five-time Grammy award winner, Richard Dodd, whose classic recording ability has helped George Harrison, Tom Petty and many others. This team of musicians has released products before with Gatewoiod, including the critically acclaimed, FINALLY HOME.